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Post 21 (the 24 hour pyjama party begins)

Posted on March 24, 2018

Space sick today. I’ve heard about it a little, we covered it in training and prep. Apparently quite common to feel queasy and feel like you’re falling backwards. Throw is a bit of intense vomiting (very cleverly aimed in to the waste bin, you’re welcome ants) and feeling exhausted I gave up on my chores and  exercises, put on the most comfy of my comfy clothing (this is a 24/7 pyjama party so getting in to something even more comforting requires a concerted effort) and I pitched down for the day in the rec area until the nausea passed with headphones on and the white noise of summery glades playing.

Post 20

Posted on March 21, 2018

Another day in space. The course correction remains unexplained, which I do find ominous, but as NO ONE IS RESPONDING with any details what can I do but accept it all, and besides, we appear to have stopped changing direction now which is something, although all telementry seems to suggest we’re pointing in much the same direction, at much the same speed, with much the same nothingness ahead.

Post 17

Posted on March 16, 2018

First a plea for some assistance. The wiki here does not seem to have the answer and the computer just keeps saying “don be frettin’ on that mah brutha.”

I was in the cocoon showering, got out, less dry than I supposed, and ended up leaving a very wet handprint on Unit 74_KINO_HHKD.