One thing I have discovered about myself here, which I did not have back in the test unit on earth, is that I am a real devil for ear worms. And not only that, have basically no effective memory for lyrics or a tune.

So there’s this song. It came to me as I was down the tube. I let it run through my mind as a distraction whilst I focussed on letting my body do the tasks it needed to. When I was finished and gave it an extra turn for good luck I let the song out of my mind and pulled myself out, difficult but not the drama I had worried about, it all sort of went as smoothly as you would hope. Out in 9 minutes and 4 seconds and puked with relief or poisoning, one anyway.

Then I engaged the computer to start running scans and diagnostics.

Then I got on to the comms channel and updated HQ with everything they would need to know about how it went and hit submit for the 10 hour round trip before they received my message and the diagnostics and can hopefully tell me the good news and whilst I waited for response and cleaned up after myself (I mean, basically I’d lubed a tube with butter in an enclosed space with ants and a bacterial biodome.

So I cleaned that up and then cleaned up the vomit, both using the high pressure washer and some detergent and finally I got in my cocoon and had a shower, which I needed as I was covered in sweat and butter and a little vomit too.

Finally, clean and dressed, I put everything dirty in the washing machine turned it on, made a couple of tea, remembered the song I’d been humming to myself and tried to find it to listen to.

At which point I discovered that I could not remember any of the words or the tune at all. I know it’s a bit soulish. And then it sort of breaks in to a more rockish sound, but old sixties music in both cases. I tried to follow some musical paths but without success, I got to the Jackson Five but once they were in my head I was feeling further and further from the tune I was trying to remember.

Eventually, a brain wave, I asked the computer to play back the recording of me in the tube. It told me there was no clear audio. I told it to play what it had and it did, and it was right. Sure you could hear me humming something, but it was not clear what it was, even though the humming itself was perfectly clear.

So now I have something else, it’s the hole left behind by an ear worm. If anyone can please work out what it was I would be amazingly grateful.

So now I wait to hear. I will likely get drunk and congratulate myself.

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