Mood good today. We’re going through an unusually dusty part of everything and the shields are going off, really pretty. I’ve been just looking at them, looking at the stars and the shields illuminating, and appreciating how lucky I am to be here.

the vast blackness of life.jpg

All the pills I’ve been taking seem to be working, at least I’m feeling better and the word from HQ is that they’ve now identified the problem, they’ve worked out how to fix it, and they’re pulling together a plan of instructions to help me do it myself as quickly as possible.

This last point is probably quite apt, since as I get closer and closer to the broken whatsit, I’ll be more and more exposed to radiation and I can’t exactly take my cocoon down into the ducts. Apparently, radiation is the sort of thing that doesn’t much care about layers of clothing, I can as well go down stark naked and wearing everything I own.

Hence why it’s taking a while. In the meantime, I still need to exercise and moreover stretch my legs but am minimising my time outside the cocoon to the bare minimum, getting ready for the big hit I’m bound to take. Or at least I was when I started seeing the flashes and had to climb and float up there to take a look.

As I understand the outer edge of the solar system is an inconsistent concept, depending on one’s perspective. I’m no physicist, clearly, so when they sort of talk about the end of the suns influence I imagine – I guess – solar wind going out in a big halo around the sun, and there’s clearly an in bit, then a vague bit, then an out bit.

Except, it seems exceptionally introspective. You’d think that all the stars together, the galaxy, work in unison,  that the sun overhear adds to the gravity of this bit of the milky way which is offset by some other bit as it spins around. Influence, so far as I can tell, seems limited to an influence that can be calculated or observed with current equipment.

By consensus, I am currently in, and I understand that if I stayed here for 80 years and entered some other solar system I’d have to accept that at some point I’d left the previous one, but the concept of empty space seems so cold and arcane I cannot warm to it.

Shouldn’t the sphere of influence of each star fill the galaxy or beyond, and only really come to an end when the sphere of influence of some other star or celestial body interferes and overwhelms it. It would be a community of light and warmth,. A bit Olaf Stapleton for fiction fans out there.

I guess this is the difference between astrology and astronomy. I want there to be more to the bleak emptiness than mere instruments and consensus can determine, whether it’s true or not. Then again, I am a Taurus.