It’s been a busy day lots of maintenance. At first I’d thought I would ignore my surrounds but apparently one man in an intensely enclosed space can make a whole lot of dirt and mess very quickly. Once I started on that I got on with my other chores as well and even some of my exercises until they made me start retching, although I guess you could blame the radiation sickness on that too.

And then, just as I was contemplating whether to watch a series of Italian romantic comedies or revisit Twin Peaks I heard a tweet and a gurgle and wouldn’t you know it, but you guys down there on earth have reached out, apparently in some number, and sent through some question. Obviously I don’t know how to do it, but I strongly urge anyone to feel free to reach out. Wherever you’re reading this, I suppose, you will find details. So I will devote the rest of my post to that.

James, 12 from Mile End asks: “Do you get lonely all on your own and do you think you should have taken a friend?” Good question James and the answer is actually that I am not sure I’ve ever met anyone who I would want to have spent this amount of time with, in such close quarters, with no hope of not seeing each other until one of us died. Sorry to be bleak but it’s the truth, people are a real pain when you’re an adult, even the ones you really love. So no, I’d rather be alone, thanks, and I’m certainly not lonely when I know people on Earth are following my trip with interest. I hope I can inspire you to go on adventures too one day.

Fatima, 8, from Lisbon writes: “What is it like looking out of the window, are all the stars different?” A good question, and I am embarrassed to say I never really looks at the stars that much back on Earth, couldn’t tell your Pleades from your Orion’s belt. Now I am hear however I am enjoying looking at them very much. I believe I’ve mentioned our red lights, which allow your eyes to adjust so when I do look out a port, with no atmosphere or sun to get in the way, it’s something to behold, it’s like looking at a lake of stars. The milky way itself is unbelievable. I read in one of the books I have that in other cultures it’s called the heavenly street, or the emu in the sky. To me it looks like something magical, I don’t know what. It’s really a sight too awe inspiring for words.

Sorry, looks like that has all the space I have today, please do keep sending them in and I’ll keep answering them. And, since it’s now clear that there are some kids reading this, I promise I will keep things PG as much as possible. Parental guidance is still advised!