Space sick today. I’ve heard about it a little, we covered it in training and prep. Apparently quite common to feel queasy and feel like you’re falling backwards. Throw is a bit of intense vomiting (very cleverly aimed in to the waste bin, you’re welcome ants) and feeling exhausted I gave up on my chores and  exercises, put on the most comfy of my comfy clothing (this is a 24/7 pyjama party so getting in to something even more comforting requires a concerted effort) and I pitched down for the day in the rec area until the nausea passed with headphones on and the white noise of summery glades playing.

Lots of tea seemed to help things a little as long as I didn’t move around. I did put all my vitals in to the ship computer but it didn’t seem impressed by them particularly. I guess I could have lied a little but I’ve been down Dr internet’s dark path before. It never end with you feeling really positive and confident does it.

Vomit at least I’ve dealt with before, diarrhoea I have not so am being thankful for small mercies.

In theory this ship is water tight, to a point anyway. There’s a line around what I consider the floor (I would feel differently if we were not accelerating I believe) that’s interspersed with drainage holes. I can essentially hose everything down, open the holes and make It all disappear.

In reality, when you try to do that, you end up with water, detergent and bits of dirt everywhere and it gets super humid so I’ve been pretty sparing so far.

I miss books, proper books. And magazines, proper magazines with glossy pages and nice pictures and articles I skip and pages I rip out. The tablets have the same content but it’s not the same. I think I miss tactile experiences more than almost anything else.

The surfaces here are all so similar, I feel like my senses are dimming for want of some grass  beneath my feet, uneven surfaces, wooden benches, things you lean on, railings you can run your fingers along. Everything here is nice and smooth and comfortable but it’s too similar. The bed and the chairs and the cocoon, all of it’s so similarly perfectly comfy.

So other than the alarm and the sea-sickness and the nostalgia all is well. Still heading out, still accelerating, all lights are green, away I go. Sirius mission control did explain the course correction by the way. Apparently it will ensure that communications channels don’t get blocked in about 3 months by earth disappearing behind the sun, original course was just a little off.

I guess it’s like a big oil tanker. You need to plan your moves well in advance.

Am feeling better now anyhow, for those that were concerned, and am about to try eating one of the milder food packs, maybe just some squishy mash.

Mood: Medium. Speed: Extreme. Direction: Altered. Records: Set.