Another day in space. The course correction remains unexplained, which I do find ominous, but as NO ONE IS RESPONDING with any details what can I do but accept it all, and besides, we appear to have stopped changing direction now which is something, although all telementry seems to suggest we’re pointing in much the same direction, at much the same speed, with much the same nothingness ahead.

In lieu of updates back to this life coach JT.

So she first made me fill in some questionairres about myself and also go and ask some friends and family to answer some questions, stuff like: what’s my biggest weakness and strength, that sort of thing.

Sharing any of this process with my friends and family seemed embarrassing so I filled them all in myself and just scattered the responses to present a consistent vista with some variations in the landscape.

Thus I was organised and determined, but lacked curiosity and motivation sometimes. I was articulate and good with words, but didn’t speak up or speak my mind very often.

We feed this all in to the life coach whats-a-matron and voila, we have a personality profile and some more questions, around what I would like to be and what I would like to do.

This is where we started running in to some problems, since I explained I just wanted to be rich and successful and that, frankly I came to her to tell me how to do that.

Well, she said, I came to her to help myself make myself come to those sorts of decisions.

After what was more like a couple of truculent therapy sessions, we decided (she suggested…)  to come up with a decisions making framework so that we could at least give me a consistent approach to making these career decisions.

These were sensible enough, and I took them away and said thank you. Oh, I raved to Claire about all this, believe you me, and convinced her this was an incredibly valuable process and I was now fully equipped to start making the sorts of decisions that would help me become the sort of guy she would like to spend a long time with.

While maintaining this lie, I agitated at work for a small promotion and payrise. I was also doing a lot of research on the internet to try to find that borderline, just on the right side of money-making scam, but close enough. What I needed was a proven path where I could do X, whatever X was, a qualification, a course, a purchase of a device, that would instantly give me an earnings boost and provide opportunity to keep growing the loot.

As you can imagine there are plenty of people offering just such a sort of thing for willing suckers so it was not an task, but luckily I managed to get my promotion and small pay rise, so on paper at least I was heading in the right direction.

Starshipping across our solar systemCredit to Damian Clark