And welcome to Sirius as my new official mission control and sponsors and enablers and whatever else you would like to do.

Sirius is a collaboration between the ESA, CNSA and the ISA who have, in the spirit of international cooperation, sharing of cientific knowledge and all round good egg-manship have agreed to jointly host my new mission control, provide support and most generally assist me, including publishing this wherever you read it. So many thanks to everyone invoilved in working this out so quickly and I assure you I will be a good little space man and do the sorts of things you would like.

Or, failing that, i won’t crash your new spaceship in to a dwarf planet. That’s a double joke by the way, since you should be able to tell from my position that I’m beyond the orbit of any predicted dwarf planets, and if there was one out here me crashing in to it would in fact be a wonderful scientific discovery assuming the telemetry and other sensor reading made it back to earth.

In celebration of this new partnership I broke in to my booze supply and binge-watched a whole season of Yes Minister. Party time.

So, Sirius, thank you very much and please, find the user manual and tell me how to turn this alarm off. The noise cancelling headphones are only so effective for those sorts of noises and it’s becoming a bit of a bummer.

Now back to Claire. Who, I think I was telling you how she basically said have some ambition or you’re off. Well, needless to say, I was motivated to try to make her happy, but this introduced a certain problem. If you’ve not been overly ambitious or the ladder climbing type it’s not easy to just pivot and start doing that. To say the least it would be out of character where I was working, so my plan  became to try define what I would look like as an ambitious person and to pitch myself at a company who would believe that.

But, as previously noted, by skill-set was not really ready for this sort of assault on the executive stream so I thought I would do some training. And this is where I ran in to my biggest problem of all, which was that I didn’t know what to do, how to di it, how to train, basically I was lost.

So, obviously I looked on the internet for a bit and found lots of great sounding jobs but none that I could really see myself doing. So I asked around a few friends and colleagues to see if they had any ideas, and none of them really did, except one, who said he knew someone who was good at helping people do this sort of thing. Her name was JT and she was a certified life coach.

So now I had a life coach. What could possibly stop me now?

Will you be my life coach