First a plea for some assistance. The wiki here does not seem to have the answer and the computer just keeps saying “don be frettin’ on that mah brutha.”

I was in the cocoon showering, got out, less dry than I supposed, and ended up leaving a very wet handprint on Unit 74_KINO_HHKD. About a second later the alarm started going off telling me that a radiation leak had been detected from the reactor. I’ve done all the diagnostics from the reactor, it’s fine. I’ve had the computer do the same, also fine. I’ve done a diagnostic on the radiation monitor, also fine. So at this point what I really need to know is how to override the alarm and stop it making this endless noise. I’ve had to put earplugs in and even then it’s still perceptible. I’ve checked everything I can, and I realise this is not an Apollo 13 style mission critical, best minds in the world in a room scenario.  But would really appreciate a way to disable the alarm noise.


Continuing with Claire then and the plan to make me eminently more successful. We obviously had some tense conversations around this. Me saying I’m happy and what have you, her saying she understood and that that was very important to her, but as the conversation evolved over weeks, comments here and there, ideas spontaneously forthcoming that began with “I mean if you were doing a bit better…’ I came round to it.

It was not, she claimed, just about money. But it was just about money. At the time I was not clear on that and I allowed myself to slowly become convinced that something in keeping with her concept of upwards mobility really was a good in and of itself. So she’d successfully established premise A.

Premise B was not so much an argument but a perspective, that she was used to living in a certain way, and she had some minimal expectations around housing, locations, holidays, food, shopping… etc which she felt was non-negotiable. So again, over weeks of dates and just hanging out, which eventually was what we were doing, living together, she impressed upon me that her minimal standard for any aspect of life were somewhat set, and somewhat above mediocre. Apply this to all aspects of life: she liked  steak, and not economy cuts.

So with these premises established we moved in to the conclusion phase which started happening around 6 months in to our relationship. That she was of an age where she could not really afford to mess around with anyone who wasn’t going to be the one she settled down with. And that meant, of course, that if we were ever to get married and have kids, that to support her expectations per Premise B, and given how obviously good Premise A was, and given that Premise A secured Premise B, that it was time for me to start working.