Bit more sober. Bit more focussed. ESA and some corporate sponsorship appears to be in the works and I’ve also fielded a few offers for honorary citizenship, but iot appears like there might be a bit of a legal wrangle as to who the ship belongs to, and therefore who can own the mission, or buy it, and to what degree I’ve managed to essentially gain ownership of this spaceship through conventional squatter’s rights.

As I don’t have any official representation, I’m inclined to say I formally secede from all nations of earth and hearby declare this ship to be the Sovereign state of Spacedick or something equally crude. To everyone out there, please, try not to argue too much my needs are simple:

Keep an eye on me.

Be nice.

Let me share what I see.

Keep posting these.

Let me know if the Queen dies and some football scores.

Be there to help, no matter the intrinsic delay, if I run in to shit and need support. You’ve got the ship specs and access to people who built it.

And in return I will:

Not destroy the ship in purpose.

Share any experimental results with you.

Not turn the ship diagnostics and measurements off.

Let you know first if I meet aliens/other space dudes like me/god etc….

And, as  show of good faith, I can report that the ants are making good progress with their tunnel building. If they realise they’re in space they’re not letting on, and whatever access they have to my waste products, they seems to be enjoying it. I’ll let you know when I spot any eggs.

And wait, even more, I can confirm that we had an impact with a rock that was about 4 meters across and travelling the same way as us (we rear-ended it I think), but it was much slower (or stationary, not sure if that’s meaningful in this context. Any how, the pre-warning was sufficient for me to get up and watch, the laser annihilated first it, then a chunk that was remaining that was about a metre wide, and the resulting pebbles, debris and sand was completely deflected by the shield in what I would describe as a gratifying light display that was as pretty as it was life-saving.

The computer quipped right after “and the stars look very pretty… today”. I think it almost sung.

I’ve got no space to go on about about Claire. I’m sure you’re all desperate to hear more about my EX. I assure you it’s relevant, just complicated.

In lieu of that the life of this space man continues. Hurtling forwards, still between the two clouds, still on course to leave this solar system behind, not quite finished Gilmore Girls but getting there.

Fit, healthy, feeling motivated, eating well, pooping great,  enjoying the zero-gravity zone in the tube up to the viewport beneath the shield. I always take my stick with me now. Space is manageable with a good stick.