Day in the life of a deep space man, or homo solaris as I think I will call myself, part two. I’d like to apologise for being a bit maudlin in my last post, and also for not exactly making an effort with my commentaries so far. It’s occurred to me that as a one-time professional copywriter I should be able to deliver better bang for my buck than I have been.

After a nap it’s time for more chores. Chores! Even in deep space I cannot escape the necessity of maintaining myself and those around me.  Today there’s a somewhat urgent need to depilate my face since my whiskers have started growing in to my lips and I’ve been bouncing around scratching at myself something rotten.

Given that every bit of skin or fleck of hair that falls off me is going no where I carefully shear my beard in the cocoon with the shower on and let the wastewater whick the ahirs away to join my faeces, urine and other discharges in the great pit of decomposition down (up?) below.

So shaved, I head to the viewport and check on the shield. No sparts but all reading look good (green lights, no red lights) so I head workshop to do a full inventory and check evertthing is working.

If I am sounding well motivated and ordered, fear not, since I am very much following instructions for how people on earth thought I could best maintain my environment. I think they may have assumed that I’d be carrying a tool belt around with me as I did my various system checks but I have not been, so this exercise really just verified to me that they had indeed packed what they’d intended to, and stowed it away on board.

My final recommended task for today was running diagnostics on the cocoon and clearing out it’s various pipes and filters. This being an important task since the cocoon will also be my hibernation pod if I needed it, and a lifeboat if the ship’s integrity fails, although quite what the point of being trapped in a cocoon in an airless ship is I’m not so sure.

By the end of all this you can imagine I’m feeling a bit tired, which means snack time and then nap time, just for 45 minutes or so. At which point the day is mine. I do some stationary bike riding whilst watching  a football match I missed whilst sleeping and then it’s over to the rec area (it’s a partially portioned off area with a comfy chair and a table) for crossword time  followed by some reading.

I am not especially well read, but suspect I will be soon enough. I put a handful of classics I’ve missed on a tablet and start reading Charlotte’s Web. It was beautiful and amazing. And, interestingly, tears in space get stuck in your eye lashes and need wiping off with a sleeve or hankie.

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