Date 28.02.2018(ish)

I had a funny experience today. I basically freaked myself out I think.

I was moving up the ship to the port hole up front, no real reason, just for a look . Anyhow, I’m not entirely up to date with how to move on a spaceship. There’s bits where I sort of stick to the walls and can walk, a bit slowly, and other places where I’m much more floaty than that. Apparently this will with my bones and damage my heart unless I’m careful to take all the supplements and exercise but you know, a tomorrow problem.

Anyhow, up near the porthole is the EM unit which somehow pushes stuff out the way. When you look straight ahead you can sort of make out the spidery shield way ahead, but I turned on the light anyhow, just to look properly.

Anyway, when the light came on it coincided with something hitting the shield and there was a spark which looked, and I realise this is just that pattern seeking think in the brain, a mean demon face.

Anyhow the point is I panicked, jumped back and sort of fell, but because of how the gravities distributed on the shit you cant really fall, and in the end I ended up floating right in the middle of the accessway. I sort of took a moment to make sure everything was fine but when I went to recover my position I discovered I couldn’t reach the ladder, or any of the walls with any of my limbs. I was just sort of wiggling about. Not ideal. If I was like, 6 inches taller maybe but I’m not so… I was trapped.

Before I came we did a lot of behavioural programming on what to do when you think you’re about to panic. The outake is, basically, don’t panic, take a beat, think about the problem then act.

So, I searched my pockets, took everything out, pencils, my rocks and so one, and hurled them at the wallto try and get some momentum the other way. Long story short, I basically created a shrapnel storm that bounced off the wall and came flying back at me. Cue another bunch of panic as I flailed trying to avoid getting rocks and pencils in my eye.

At the end of this I was still just floating all though slowly joined by the contents of my pocket. I took another breath, took off my pants and used them to lasso the ladder and pull myself back in. Easy when you think about it.

I went back and checked out the shield again. Still there, no damage, no more flashes. Then I turned the light off and just looked out. It’s amazing, so relaxing. My eyes are getting used to the darkness now. I’ve reddened all the internal lights and reduced them as low as I can, practically. This will sound redundant, but space is really, really big, and really really dark. Cool!