Date 27.02.2018(ish)

I’ll try to be more succinct today, once I finish explaining why. The system here allows one message a day at 500 words and once I hit send it’s gone, and I’m locked out from sending again….I can bank them up to send when the clock ticks over but that’s really meant to be for when I’m otherwise engaged. And yes, there is an emergency comms channel, but you’ll appreciate there’s nothing they can do to help me except troubleshoot any issues I’ve encountered and I have the system wiki for that which so far seems to be pretty thorough. Given the delays in transmissions, and the size limits, the truth is I’m on my own, and barring some amazing technology ramp up on earth in the next 50 years or so, I’ll die in this tin can, but that’s what I signed up for.

I did notice this morning that the sharpest knife I have it barely able to slice a ration pack. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. If I wanted to do myself any real harm I could use one of the tool kits but according to my psychological evaluation I am a very low risk for suicide. Which is sort of nice to know. Sort of depressing too  (but not suicidally so, obviously).

I got as far as the program last post. There was a dozen of us or so to start. We all had medical and psych evals. That took it down to 9. The rest were given some tests on problem solving, task orientated behaviours, which took the number down to 5. Then the five of us were put in our pods. (We all resigned and Greg paid up our rent and so on for the duration…) The pods were basically just earth based ships quarters. Almost identical, a bit larger maybe. But obviously no engine rooms or cockpits. It was just a living quarters and we all went in to solitary confinement for 3 months. We could post messages when we needed any assistance, and they watched us, but the responses had appropriate delays. But we were safe. We had entertainment units, books, music, food, everything you need really. I took a very large crossword book that I thought would last the entire 3 months but actually lasted about 2 weeks. I brought cryptics this time.

At the end of that there was two of us left. One guy lost it, demanded release, one lady got pulled out because she was going a bit delusional and one guy did just fine but decided it wasn’t for him, which is fine. So then it was just myself and Rachel left with a month until launch. I’ve not been succinct enough again. Oh well. I’ll continue on that last month next time.

To sign off then the view out the window is amazing. Pure blackness and unbelievable star arrays. I’m somewhere between the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud. Speed: Very Fast!