Date 26.02.2018 (Although time dilation means, I don’t think that’s really true for me, but what difference?)

Well, you’ve probably all heard now about my launch. I know they were going to drop it on you just before I got woken up.

I assume it went well, I’m here after all, and logs suggest it went without a hitch, although I slept through it all. But now I’m awake, most readings are looking green and it’s time to push through my first post.

So, let’s start with who I am and why I decided to do this. I’m John Ellis. I’m normal. I was born in a small town in England called Hastings, famous for the battle, but moved to London as a kid and grew up in and around Highgate. I studied English at University and then started working as a copywriter for a number of different firms, a bank, an agency, and, to be honest, I did not really enjoy any of it.

I’m sorry if I am recapping something you’ve already read, I can only type, attach and hit post. I can’t see whatever portal you’re seeing this on…

Anyhow, I didn’t really have a lot of options, or plans, but an acquaintance sent me a link to a cryptic seminar he thought I’d like and I went along. It was called something like: What’s wrong with enjoying being alone?

So, I went along, and there were not too many people there, maybe a dozen, and a professor, whose name I forget but you can search it I am sure, gave a talk all about his theory that humans have a natural capacity for solipsism and it has driven many achievements, like travel and discovery, where often it would be one person setting out on their own and… you get the idea. I have a word limit here! We had the talk, which was interesting, but a bit unconvincing, and then there was a discussion and people spoke about their experiences and feelings and I chipped in with a comment that was, I’ll precis: “I find the constant need for social engagement and the expectation that this is what defines a good life exhausting because, as much as I can enjoy those things, there’s a large part of me that really just wants to go home and do what I was going to do if I hadn’t come out.”

Anyhow, this, apparently, was what Greg St John, as in the Greg St John who set this all up, was looking for, based on a profile he’d created for his ideal lonely traveller. And so we got talking and he invited me into the program. We seemed to get on, but I trusted him I mean, you just sort of do, don’t you. He’s famous, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a billionaire. You sort of thing, he may not be telling me the truth, but he’s not up to mischief.

Right out of words. Will write more tomorrow.